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    Welcome to The Next 10, a community visioning project for the Greater Springfield Area sponsored by the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln.
  • Your community needs your voice.

    Have a lot of thoughts and ideas? Great! We're here to share, listen and find creative ways to bring them to life.
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UPDATE: The Next 10 Community Visioning Plan has been announced!

The Next 10


What is The Next 10?

The Next 10 (TN10) is a collaborative community engagement effort for the Greater Springfield Area to help define how we take bold steps together for the region’s future. Sponsored by the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln, The Next 10 gathers ideas big and small from local citizens (that’s YOU!) through a variety of virtual engagement tools and conversations. Our goal is to inspire, challenge and add context to the desires of the Greater Springfield community as we continue to lay the groundwork for the future, together.

Stay Involved

how to

Ideas Wall

We believe no ideas are bad ideas and that inspiration can come from anywhere. View, share and interact with your neighbors on our virtual ideation platform.

Interactive Mapping

No one knows the places and spaces of your everyday life like you do. Use this tool to map what’s important now and in the future for your community.

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Visioning Project Phases


Inspire & Engage

(October 12 – Thanksgiving)
We need your input! Use the tools listed above to share your thoughts and inspiring ideas from around the globe, and participate in ongoing conversations with your neighbors to help determine how we can better our collective future.

Define & Prioritize

(Thanksgiving – New Years)
Ideas submissions will be categorized into key themes by a group of citizens identified by the Community Foundation. All projects, policies and programs will be considered and prioritized if they are: implementable, have a clear source of funding, and have a champion or partners who can lead them into action.

Plan & Action

(Q1-Q2 2021)
It’s time to bring these bold ideas to life! The Next 10 projects were announced on May 28, 2021, along with identification of the local champions and the critical action steps to move them forward.

View the plan.

"And we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. "

- Abraham Lincoln

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